Rage Yoga's Certified Badass Instructor Program

We've had requests for instructor certification from Iceland, Australia, Ireland, throughout Canada and the United States...
And it's finally happening! 


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** There are no official upcoming dates for this program right now. Stay tuned! **

What you need to know:

You NEED to have a 200 hour yoga teacher training done to take our instructor certification.

Why? Because this program is only a couple days and teaches you the specifics of Rage Yoga. In order for us to do this, you will need to have a pre-existing understanding of yoga and teaching yoga. You will be asked to provide proof of your 200 hour training. 


*Deposit is non-refundable
**Before you sign up, please note: you NEED to have a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification to qualify for this training. 

How much does it cost?

The program is 500 CAD. You can secure your place by paying a 100 CAD deposit. You can negotiate a payment plan or you can choose to pay the full amount up front. 

What do you GET from this training?

We will be covering Rage Yoga principles, philosophies, alternative teaching techniques and how to create an alternative practice. Also, you will become a Certified Badass Rage Yoga Instructor! You will receive a certificate and will be listed as an official teacher on our website. You may also have potential opportunities to work with us on projects like retreats, workshops, or online videos.  

But I'm from out of town.

No problem! We can help hook you up with a local place to stay. It may cost a couple bucks but it will be cheaper than a hotel (and with kickass company!)

What does the schedule look like? 

The training will run over three days. The first two days will be days devoted to practice, studying, and preparing a Rage Yoga class of your own. These day will be from 9:00am - 4:00pm. The times are flexible on the last day.

Will there be a test?

Yup! The last day will be test day. Each participant will be required to prepare and lead a Rage Yoga class of their own. 

Can I fail the test?

Yes. It's unlikely but it is possible. We want you to kick ass but if someone does not have a grasp on the Rage Yoga principles and approach then we do not want to have them certified to teach it. It wouldn't be fair to them, or us, or their students. If this happens then half the tuition will be refunded.


I have so many questions! 

Feel free to contact us at info@rageyoga.com. We'd be happy to answer them! 

Here's What Our Certified Badass Instructors Are Saying! 

Adrienne Gross-Leibham.jpg

"My weekend with Lindsay and Rage Yoga was everything and nothing I had expected. I have always felt conflicted with my personality, able to fit into a world of spiritual zen as well as rock n roll badassery.... I expected to continue to feel conflicted as I gained new skills and knowledge. But I didn't feel conflicted at all. I felt right at home. I felt relaxed with my new Rage Yoga sisters as we learned the principles of the Rage Yoga way. I didn't want the weekend to end! But it did and I left feeling light, powerful and ready to take on the world of yoga with my unique style and raging personality. Thank you Rage Yoga team for creating a safe place to practice, learn and be yourself!"

-Adrienne Gross-Leibham (Calgary, AB)


"This weekend was one of the greatest I’ve ever had. Lindsay is an inspiration for everyone who feels like they’ve been left out of Yoga. Her teaching allows everyone to feel included and creates an empowering space for people to come together and openly release negative emotions. This allows us to see that we are all struggling and creates a space where we can share those struggles with each other.

I’ve never felt so excited and inspired to share what I learned with others. Not only did we learn the principles of Rage Yoga but Lindsay also gave us practical tools in marketing, social media, community building. Something that all Yoga teachers can use!

Rage Yoga is for all of everyone whose ever felt as if they don’t belong. For those of us who’ve ever felt repressed, ignored, outcast, abandoned, or shunned. Rage Yoga is where we can all come together to release all of our negative emotions in a healthy way so that we can start to heal ourselves from the inside out. And to me, that’s the real work of yoga."

-Ashley Duzich (Houston, TX)

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In the meantime, if you want to teach Rage Yoga on your own...

Please do not call it Rage Yoga. 
We would love for you to take the concepts of our practice that you like, and then make them your own.
If you really want to teach an alternative style then use ours as inspiration while you create something that's yours. 
Please do not use our name, write ups, photos or logo. 

We ask for you not to use these for both legal and personal reasons. 

The legal reason is because "Rage Yoga" is being trademarked and is our intellectual property. We also paid people to create our photos and logos. Taking our write ups is also just lazy. 

The personal reason is because we have spent an overwhelming amount of energy, time and money to create this. Rage Yoga is our passion. Because of this, we are very excited when we hear stories about alternative practices being created that were inspired by ours! But it really doesn't sit well with us when people use our work for their own. 

Thank you for understanding! 
Stay badass and rage on,
-Lindsay & Team Rage Yoga