Do you want to teach Rage Yoga?

We've had a lot of people write us who are interested in teaching Rage Yoga and we are incredibly flattered!

We've had requests for teacher training from Iceland, Australia, Ireland, throughout Canada and the United States. 

Rage Yoga will be putting together a teacher training program for 2017 and we hope to share our approach with many alternative minded yogis! We can't say exactly when the training will be available as we're currently focused on several other projects. But we can say that the basic outline that is slowly taking shape looks like it's going to be one hell of a program! 

In the meantime, if you want to teach Rage Yoga on your own...

Please do not call it Rage Yoga. 
We would love for you to take the concepts of our practice that you like, and then make them your own.
If you really want to teach an alternative style then use ours as inspiration while you create something that's yours. 
Please do not use our name, write ups, photos or logo. 

We ask for you not to use these for both legal and personal reasons. 

The legal reason is because "Rage Yoga" is being trademarked and is our intellectual property. We also paid people to create our photos and logos. Taking our write ups is also just lazy. 

The personal reason is because we have spent an overwhelming amount of energy, time and money to create this. Rage Yoga is our passion. Because of this, we are very excited when we hear stories about alternative practices being created that were inspired by ours! But it really doesn't sit well with us when people use our work for their own. 

Thank you for understanding! 
Stay badass and rage on,
-Lindsay & Team Rage Yoga