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The Badass Basics: Yoga Poses 101

38USD value -or- pay what you can

Want to learn more about yoga postures? Don't know where to start? Feel like a bumbling idiot? Don't worry... we've got your back!

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Introducing The Badass Basics: Yoga Poses 101!
The first of The Badass Basics series. It's a collection of over 40 different yoga posture tutorials. Here's what's up:

-40+ downloadable yoga video tutorials with PDFs
-Instant access
-Classic Rage Yoga "zen as fuck" attitude
-100% bullshit free

Buy Now - 38USD

Buy Now - 38USD


You also have the option to Pay What You Can! 
In the spirit of yoga, we want to make this easily available for everyone, even if the bank is a bit tight right now. Starting at $7, you can choose to pay what is right for you. 

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