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The Badass Basics: Yoga Poses 101

38USD value -or- pay what you can

Want to learn more about yoga postures? Don't know where to start? Feel like a bumbling idiot? Don't worry... we've got your back!

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Introducing The Badass Basics: Yoga Poses 101!
The first of The Badass Basics series. It's a collection of over 40 different yoga posture tutorials. Here's what's up:

-40+ downloadable yoga video tutorials (PDFs coming soon)
-Instant access
-Classic Rage Yoga "zen as fuck" attitude
-100% bullshit free

"Buy Now" for 38USD

"Buy Now" for 38USD


You also have the option to Pay What You Can! 
In the spirit of yoga, we want to make this easily available for everyone, even if the bank is a bit tight right now. Starting at $7, you can choose to pay what is right for you. 

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Ferocious Foundations - 6 week course, lifetime access - 90USD

FEROCIOUS FOUNDATIONS is a well rounded yoga course to help you build strength, mobility and relieve stress while laying down the foundations for a solid practice (even if you're "lazy" or don't have a lot of time). Includes step by step, comprehensive instruction, and videos which build off the previous lessons so you can confidently take on new challanges. This is beginner/intermediate friendly.

Bendy & Badass - 6 week course, lifetime access - 90USD

BENDY & BADASS is focused on obtaining significant flexibility results while building strength and becoming "zen as f*ck"! This course will help you safely increase flexibility in your legs, hips, shoulders, back... pretty much everywhere. If you have ever wanted to work towards getting your splits or increasing your bends, this course is for you! This is ambitious beginner and intermediate friendly.

Or save a couple bucks and get them both at once! 

For the best deal, dive right in and grab both of our online courses!
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Both 6 week courses - lifetime access - 170USD

One Time 170USD Payment

One Time 170USD Payment

Three 65USD Payments

Three 65USD Payments