6 Ways Mixing Self-Care With Fitness Can Make You Healthier and Happier

If you’re in recovery, you may already know the benefits of self-care and fitness.
However, you may not realize the importance of finding a good balance between the two. Practicing self care while adhering to a physical fitness routine isn’t always easy, but it is necessary to achieve overall calm, health, and wellness. If you still need motivation to make self care part of your fitness plan, keep these reasons in mind. 

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1. Having Fun with Fitness Will Help You Reach Those Goals

If your workouts make you feel bored or tortured, it may be time to switch up your habits. Having fun is an important part of sticking to healthy habits, so take some time to find exercise that excites you. Take some salsa classes, or go for a stress-relieving swim. Swimming is a good low-impact form of cardio that can torch a ton of calories. Bonus: You can get your swim routine in at a pool or even at the beach! 

2. Exercising Offers Benefits for Those in Recovery

More and more recovery programs are including exercise as part of treatment, and that’s for good reason. A healthy level of regular exercise can reduce relapses for those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Working out helps relieve triggers, such as boredom and stress, so sticking to a fitness plan can help you stay sober. Just be sure to make moderation part of your fitness plan to avoid injuries from overdoing it at the gym. If getting to the gym consistently is difficult, consider putting together a home gym. If you’re looking for a space, any spare room or your garage will do. 

3. Relieving Stress Can Recharge Your Mind and Body

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.
That’s why self-care is so important to staying healthy. Self-care practices, such as meditation, rest, and even hobbies, are critical to maintaining positive physical and mental health. Stress can be a major trigger for addiction, and recovery can bring additional stress, so set aside time to practice self-care to stay calm and stay committed to your health goals. 

4. Revamping Your Mornings Can Energize Your Routine

Starting the morning in a frenzy can lead to chaos for the rest of the day.
A good start to self care is to set yourself up for peaceful, purposeful mornings. Try to wake up as the sun rises, and take the a few minutes before opening your eyes to practice some beneficial breathing. Set an intention for your day, and think about the ways you can stay mindful as you move through the rest of your routine. Positive wake-ups can work wonders on your mood and give focus to whatever challenges you face throughout the day. 

5. Taking Care of Your Mental Health Means Better Health Overall

We’ve come to realize that our mental health can impact our physical well-being.
Part of self-care involves recognizing this connection and coming up with constructive ways to deal with emotions, both positive and negative. If you’re in recovery, you’ll soon realize there is a strong connection between mental health and addiction, so using self-care to address and improve mental health issues can help secure your sobriety. 

6. Setting Aside Time for Rest Can Improve Your Body and Brain

Losing sleep can do more than make you feel tired.
Studies show that sleep plays a crucial role in aiding weight loss, preventing disease, and maintaining cognitive function. Bottom line: You need rest to really stay healthy. Those early wake-up can help set your internal clock and get you to sleep easier, but you may also need to work on improving your relaxation routine. Shut off screens and darken the room when you’re trying to rest. Setting the thermostat a little lower may also encourage relaxation, but be sure to also cuddle in up in some comfy sheets and blankets.

Blending self-care with fitness can take work, but it will prove beneficial to your overall health and well-being. If you’re in recovery, exercise and self-care could even be the solution to maintaining your sobriety. Whatever your health goals may be, self-care and fitness are sure to get you there. 

-Sheila Olson

Photo Credit: Pixabay