5 Poses to Bust Hangover Blues

I have yet to ever meet someone who enjoys the feeling of a hangover.
If I do ever meet this person then I promise I will capture them for science!
There are a lot of people on this planet. At least one of them is bound to enjoy hangovers…

In the meantime...
the rest of us are swapping hangover remedies and our best tips to avoid them.

The obvious answer is that if you don’t want a hangover then you shouldn’t drink!
Alternatively, you can stay within a limit or space your drinks out with water.
While this is very practical advice, there is one obvious rebuttal: we’re human.

Sometimes we can get carried away!
Then we’re stuck with the hangover remedy options.

Yoga is good for a great number of things.
In the case of a hangover, some yoga can help you feel less like a swamp monster and more like your former majestic self. 

Check it out! 
You can use these poses individually or go through them in order for a short sequence. 

1) Cat/Cow

Going back and forth between these two poses can help wake your system up and settle a nauseous stomach. That being said, if you are feeling queazy then try not to arch your back too much as you go.

2) Child’s Pose

A super chill resting pose, Child’s pose is a super gentle inversion. Because your heart is (ever so slightly) higher than your head, this pose will send some extra blood towards your brains. This can help get those cogs moving again and settle your nervous system. 

3) Reclined Spinal Twist

Twists kick ass. They’re energizing and good for organ health… two things you probably want at this point! This twist is especially relaxing as well. If you’d like to make it even more chill then you can add rolled up blankets under your knees to ease the twist in the lower back. 

4) Reclined Butterfly

A fabulous (and insanely relaxing) hip opener, this pose has several benefits. It can help improve your mood, decrease back pain and increase circulation. You can make this pose even more nap-like by adding rolled up blankets under your knees. 

5) Corpse Pose

And now it’s time to chill the fuck out. Corpse Pose is essentially “nap time for grown ups”. You can try adding a pillow under your knees if you have a lot of curve in your lower back. And if you feel like it… you can add a pillow under your head and toss a blanket on top! 

Rest up, Badass! 
-Lindsay Istace

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