How We Plan to Kick Extra Butt in 2017!

2016 has been a crazy year in a lot of different ways.
A lot can change over the course of a year, in our personal lives and in the world around us.
Some of it’s great, some of it’s…  not so great.

The end of the year is the perfect time to sit back and reflect. It’s time to celebrate the victories, remember the lessons, and recall all the things we’re grateful for.

The Rage Yoga team has been doing some reminiscing and we’re really proud of the year we’ve had! We’re also so incredibly grateful for all of the support we’ve received from badasses all around the world. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Here are some of our 2016 highlights:
-January 5th - First ever live Rage Yoga class in Calgary, AB!
-March 3rd - Kelly Rippa talked about us (VERY excitedly) on Live! With Kelly & Michael
-March 14th - Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the online courses
-April 4th - Successfully funded said campaign by 380%
-August - Cross Canada tour (Victoria to Ottawa)

And now we’re looking into the future. What will 2017 hold? What do we want to accomplish?

At first we though "time travel might be fun!" But then we figured that that's more of a 2018 kinda thing...

At first we though "time travel might be fun!" But then we figured that that's more of a 2018 kinda thing...

A New Years Resolution can be a very powerful tool!
It can help guide and shape the path for the upcoming year.
So we decided to make one for Rage Yoga!

2017 Rage Yoga Resolution:
“To make Rage Yoga more widely available so that we can inspire more people to unleash their inner badass, both on AND off the mat.”

We’ve got a lot of awesome stuff planned for 2017 in order to fulfill this resolution. Although we can’t tell you everything right now.. we can tell you this!

In 2017 we will:
-Launch a teacher training program.

This means that we can have more teachers offering Rage Yoga style classes that will make live yoga classes feel more accessible to those who otherwise don’t feel at home in conventional classes.
-Define and share the Rage Yoga lifestyle.
In the past year we’ve spent a lot of time defining what Rage Yoga is ON that mat. This year we want to define more of what it is OFF of the mat. Yoga can be a lot more than a sequence of poses and we want that “zen as fuck” feeling to really stick with you off of the mat too.
-Create more online classes and courses.
We will also have a special focus on “complete beginner” level. We heard what some students have been saying and that is that there is a lot out there for students who have some experience… but not a lot for those starting at square 1! We want to fix that.

In the spirit our resolution, we will be relaunching our online courses on January 5th!

The shiny new courses will include downloadable PDFs and also a collection of 10+ extra bonus videos (including sequences, pose tutorials and meditations).

In order to celebrate all you badasses who made this 2016 possible, and to set the tone for 2017, we are throwing a kick ass party on January 6th, at Dickens Pub (Calgary, AB)! 

It will be a night to remember with all profits are going to Little Warriors, an amazing local charity for children. Expect cupcakes, keepsakes and entertainment from three different comedy variety entertainers. The show will be packed with all sorts of strangeness such as balancing acts, feats of flexibility, vaudevillian magic, comedy and more.
We hope to see you there!

-------->More event info here!

For those who can't make it (damn you geography!) we will have a couple of different ways for people to partake in the event online. Stay tuned on the newsletter and Facebook page!

We wish all of you badasses an awesome new year.
May you make your mark in strange and wonderful ways.
Stay badass & rage on!