How To Clear Your Mind

Stress is a normal occurrence in one's life. It is impossible to avoid it in today's busy world. And due to stress, anxiety kicks in. More often than not, anxiety can make even the simplest things more difficult. When there's anxiety in your system, your decision-making will be clouded. That's why there's a need to clear your mind and deal with stress in a healthy manner. But not a lot of people know how to deal with anxiety and stress the right way. Below are some of the ways on how to clear your mind.

 Expressive Writing

 When you are experiencing stress, the mind is full of thoughts that must be vented out. One way to do so is by writing a journal. The activity allows you to analyze the topics that are within your brain and find solutions. It lets you see the topics from various perspectives. Just make sure that you set a time limit so that you will not be stuck in reflection.

Find Distractions

There are times when the best way on how to clear your mind is to change your focus. You can go out and do a hobby, or exercise in the gym. Other activities that can help you get rid of anxiety and stress are reading a book and learning karate. The activities will help you become worry-free.


Meditate Your Worries Away

Studies have showed that meditating at least a couple of minutes a day can help in getting rid of negative emotions and rumination, as well as leading to forgiveness. Aside from clearing your mind from stress and anxiety, meditation can also bring a lot of benefits. It promotes longevity and builds a barrier against future sources of stress. Meditation has a calming effect that can reverse stress and make you feel good. Meditation requires no special equipment, and you can easily learn how to do it.


One way to meditate is to find an area in your house where you can relax. Then you should just observe your thoughts and let go of the negative ones. This is an effective method on how to clear your mind.

 Nurture Mindfulness

 Mindfulness is a method of becoming immersed in an activity, instead of your thoughts about other stuff. It is a great meditative alternative for people who are too busy to meditate. While it still involves slowing down and focusing on a single activity, it doesn't involve not doing your other activities. In simple terms, mindfulness is being aware of what's going on around you and what's inside your mind. With increased mindfulness, you become more creative, focused, healthier, happier and more relaxed. It doesn't happen right away. You need to practice it regularly in order to become an efficient way on how to clear your mind

-Lana Beaumont

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