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Opening on March 6th - videos up until May 10th - $14 registration

Here's What You Will Do!

  • Get a new sequence every day for 7 days.
  • Increase your mobility and reduce back pain.
  • Get bonus videos and tutorials.
  • Enjoy short videos (Busy schedule? No problem.)
  • Add an extra dose of badass into your life! 

    Registration is only $14!
    Challenge opens March 6th
    Videos will be available until May 10th
Can I get a "fuck yeah?!"

Can I get a "fuck yeah?!"

Listen up! Here's the deal:
This awesome 7 day yoga challenge is made specifically for those who feel stiff and want to feel better in their body.  
It's made for those who spend too much time hunched over phones and computers, causing shit posture and back pain. 
It's made for those who have jobs that take a toll on their body and energy levels.
It's made for you!

Join us for the 7 Day Slay! You'll receive a new sequence every day for seven days. These sequences are beginner/intermediate level and are short (generally 10-20 minutes each) so they're easy to fit into a busy schedule. They're designed to increase mobility while crushing back pain by addressing those bitchy problem areas... And all the while you'll be getting fit, getting fierce, and getting zen as fuck!

The challenge opens on March 6th and the videos will be available until May 10th. Why aren't they available forever? Because sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to get moving! We wanted to leave up long enough to give you the option to watch them several times... but short enough to make sure you get your butt on the mat! 

Ready to kick ass?